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Besides working on your personal projects, I also work on my personal projects : flash tattoos.

Creating images I would like to tattoo. Some are big, or huge, others are smaller.

I have 'available projects' and 'abstract textures'.

The "available projects" are designs that will only be tattooed once.

Some of the "abstract textures" can be modified for different zones on the body

and are more a conceptual approach, than a literal 'design'.

You can find them here on my website and on my flash related instagram account.

If You want to reserve one of my flash designs, the first step is to send me an email .

I will be needing the following information from you:

  1. Name and location.

  2. Photo of the flash you would like to adopt

  3. What area would you like to tattoo + photo if possible.

  4. How big do you see the tattoo (in cm)

For fixing a date I will ask for a deposit of 50 €.

! Important: The deposit won't be returned in any case.


In case of cancellation, report < 48h before due date or 3 reports all together the deposit will be lost.

​In contradiction of your personal projects, I keep my agenda open for these flash appointments during the whole year.

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