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Print in black, dark gray and golden finish on light gray paper.

paper: 23O gr

61 x 35 CM

+/- 150 copies.

-> can be shipped to France and Belgium, but will be rolled up....

-> can also be picked up at the shop in Lodelinsart.

Duality is a recurring theme in my praxis since my younger years.

In Dutch I remember to therm 'splitheid' (Split).

It's about the barrier in between the inner self and the external world.

I sometimes use (anti-)Christian kind of symbolism in my praxis (stigmatas, inverted crosses, Christian cemetaries,...). I have a "Love-Hate" relationship with this religion, a lot of Hate actually, instored since I was a child raised in a "Christian" family. It kind of Traumatized me at some point.

Duality print / Humanoid Series

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