Before you contact me for your tattoo project, ask yourself: is this the style I want for my tattoo?

It 's a dark graphic style with a lot of linework, some darker areas and ink splatters. I love doing skulls and dark stuff but as a nature lover I also love doing flowers, plants and animals. I also like doing abstract compositions and skratchy lettering. All themes are welcome though and perfectly adaptable at my graphic style. 

                          Things I don't do:  pure geometric stuff, polynisian tattoos, dafont letterings or small tattoos like infinity signs and such, no old                                         school or new school or traditional work and no realism. There are so much better tattooers than me for these kind of                                    things to which I can guide you. 


You want me to work out your project, super cool! The first step is to send me an email.

I will be needing the following info of you:

  1. Name and location.

  2. Brief description or theme of your project.

  3. What area would you like to tattoo + photo if possible.

  4. How big do you see the tattoo (in cm)

  5. Would you like your project in black or with some colours.

  6. If you want to add some photos or texts, don't hesitate.


I prefer not to see any reference photos of other tattoos. If you want me to tattoo you a lion's head for exemple, just send me a photograph a really cool lion head instead of a photo of another lion head tattoo. Or if there is a particular tattoo in MY portfolio that speaks to you, feel free to add it to your email too. 

Know, that I don't rework or copy existing drawings or tattoos. I like fresh designs springing from fresh ideas. :) You give me the idea of your project, and I'll do the drawing. And if you don't have a really neat idea, don't worry, I always have plenty of them. The best results are obtained when I have some artistic freedom. 


Email send...




Now the waiting can begin... I try to respond as fast as possible but it might easily take some weeks before you will have an answer. Don't worry I am responding to all emails (positive or negative), starting with the oldest ones. The more complete your tattoo request is, the less time we lose.


When I feel your project we can take an appointment in the shop to discuss a bit more about your project and to fix a tattoo date. It's always good to meet up and speak IRL. Of course, when you live too far away, we can just  go further by e-mail. 

so the next steps are the following:

  1. Fixing a price

  2. setting a tattoo date

  3. A deposit of 50 € will be demanded. 

               Important: In case of cancellation, the deposit will be lost. 



Our tattoo date is approaching and you start to get nervous. No need to get nervous: I am always preparing my designs only 2 or 1 day before our tattoo meeting. When I start working on it, I will send you en email. A bit later, a first sketch is following. You can tell me then if there is something you would like to change or not. Afterwards I will put the drawing in a clean version. 

Small changes are still possible of course. 

For bigger and more complicated tattoos I will already show some kind of simulation by email, before the day, but the construction will be done the day of our tattoo date. 

Other, more abstract tattoos are created directly in the studio. Depending on the project I can make a small simulation before, and if not… well... we'll work together on it the day of your tattoo.